webdav by hand

to upload a file

curl --digest --user 'user:pass' -T SomeFile.html 'http://uwiki.net/uwiki/SomeFile.html'

create a dir

curl --digest --user 'user:pass' -X MKCOL http://uwiki.net/uwiki/

move/rename a file

curl --digest --user 'user:pass' -X MOVE --header 'Destination: http://uwiki.net/uwiki/curl_dav.html' http://quad/svn/SomeFile.html

list of files in a dir

curl -i -X PROPFIND http://uwiki.org/uwiki/ --upload-file - -H "Depth: 1" <<end
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<a:propfind xmlns:a="DAV:">

some info gleaned from msdn webDAV reference meanwhile, don't make me read the webDAV specs oh wow, in a very depressing way - microsoft make webdav hard